Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Resurrection Tuesday

It feels GOOD to be back! Here's the recap of my hair-pulling week:

The Midterm:
I studied like I've never studied before. I do not know WHY I have an aversion to Earth Science, but apparantly I do. I could not retain one iota of material. I tried everything you all suggested... plenty of sleep, songs to help me remember, acronyms... you name it, I tried it. So I finally have to go take the test, and I spend a few more minutes trying to cram as much into my short-term memory as possible. I'm handed test "C" and the clock starts. Two essay questions greet me on page one: "Three types of volcanoes and the magma, potential explosiveness, and depth of magma associated with each. Give examples." Volcanoes? YES! I love the volcano thing!! I whip right through that puppy and go on to the next. "How are minerals identified? Be specific. Give examples." Oh for joy... this was a homework question that I got partial credit for. The professor had kindly finished it for me. I knew, word for word, exactly what he wanted me to say. So now on to the multiple choice. Wait. This can't be right... I know this one...and this one... and this one...oh my GOD I know all these. Where are the questions about rock material? Where are the questions about the different deformities associated with plate tectonic mountain building? Fifteen minutes later I'm signing out. I meet my classmate afterward and compare notes. She had test form "E" and SHE had all the rock material and mountain building stuff. I SOOOOO lucked out. No grades have been posted yet, but I'll let you know when I do.

Hell No, I Won't Show:
So with the midterm out of the way, I started working on my prints for the show. I diligently cropped, retouched, and generally messed with somewhere upwards of 200prints until I had selected about 40 that I wanted to show. With that out of the way, I began to actually print my prints. What the fuck is this? Where are these lines coming from? What the hell are these dots all over my prints? Holy FUCKING HELL my printer is having a nervous breakdown! I'm dancing around the edge of the panic zone and I have NO clue what I'm going to do until my friend Garrison Steele (see sidebar) e-mails me. I cry buckets of tears and he says, quite simply, that I should try a printing service. Yes, I know... but when you're occupied dancing around the edge of the panic zone, you really don't see solutions... just problems. I sent him a big fat cyber kiss (with tongue... I'm seriously seriously grateful) and ran my CDs over to Staples. The girls took my plight to heart, and I'll have all of my prints back before 9pm tonight.

My daughter Cadybug discovered my blog. This is cool because now she can see the human side of the mom... but also scary because now she can see the human side of the mom. In similar news, I had a very very outrageous post-midterm celebration that I would LOVE to share with you... but... did I mention my daughter discovered my blog?

I'll be 'round to see you all very soon. Thanks for stopping by, checking in, and sending me good thoughts and great suggestions. Gotta LUV this blogosphere!