Thursday, July 28, 2005

Home Sweetness, Home

After six long weeks with their father, my children have returned home. A house that once screamed with silence is now peacefully chirping with chattering teens. Likewise, a kitchen sink that was once sparkling and clean is now full of dishes and catsup stains. I'll take the later, if it comes with the former.

It's true that sometimes you don't realize how much you miss something or someone until you have them back again! Who would have thought that I'd enjoy having my down-time interrupted with pleas for assistance with computer problems or scary spiders? I do! Hugs are sweeter, smiles are brighter, and my life as a mom resumes again.

In four or five years, they'll be gone - off to college or out in the field learning a trade, and my house will be quiet again. My sink will stay clean, and spiders will take over their abandoned rooms. Hugs will sit in my memory banks, never as sweet as the actual arms wrapped tightly around my neck.

I fucking love being a mom.