Tuesday, July 26, 2005

A New Leaf

The lines blur once again between student and blogger. I'm stuck doing a stupid-assed report for my computer class. I chose, of course, blogging. I figured it would be easy enough, then noticed that two of my references had to be a book and a magazine. The magazine was not too hard to find, but the book? Man, why hasn't anyone written a book on blogging? ARE YOU LISTENING, BRANDO? NO ONE HAS WRITTEN A BOOK ON BLOGGING!

My point? Oh yes, my point. While constructing this paper, I ran across an article on blogging etiquette. I owe you an apology.

Essentially, good little bloggers POST REGULARLY. They do not make their readers/friends guess when their next post will come. They set the guidelines, and they stick to them come hell or high water. So I haven't been updating much lately, and I'm really sorry.

Here's my new leaf; Monday thru Friday I WILL post something. I promise. Unless I get hit by a truck or win the lottery. I will post one more time on the day I win the lottery, but the truck thing might be a bit hard to overcome.

I will also reply to your comments - e-mail if you've got it, comments either way.

I will NOT define my blog though - can't do it. I'm an eclectic mess, and I just can't catagorize myself.

My new leaf - just in time for Fall. Bwaa haa haa...okay, that really wasn't funny at all.