Thursday, August 04, 2005

Just Some "this n' that"

I know I have this new leaf and all, so I'm gonna just call myself a stupid dolt right now and save you all the trouble.

Puleeeeeez don't be offended if I'm MIA for the next week. It's finals time! I've got two over the next seven days, and a term paper due today. Iffin' I don't make it to your neck of the woods, iffin' I don't respond to your e-mails, and iffin' you see me drive by and not stop in for tea, it's NOT PERSONAL. I love my blogger buds, but I love my 4.0 too. K? K.

So the interview - well, can I just say I looked goddamned cute as hell yesterday? M'kay? I did. I was a sassy little bitch with my Blahnik knock-offs, Carrie ala Sex in the City skirt, and little matching sweater. Even my damned fried hair cooperated with me. So I get there, all dolled out, and find out I'm being interviewed by two women. Just shit on me, okay? If I'd known, I'd have worn the housecoat. But ah well. The good news is, I wasn't nervous this time. The better news is, it's SOOOOOOOOO much more money than my present job. Benefits? Awesome! Tuition? Paid for!!! Positions available last time: 1. Positions available this time: 4. I'll know something come Monday.