Tuesday, August 23, 2005

The Weekend Review (and yes, more Kati) - Part 1

How much mileage can one crack photographer get with one little ol' Hoosier?

Jesus, yes. That much mileage.

Friday hit like a ton of bricks. Smart people pick out their clothing early, and they make sure their camera equipment is fully functional. Funky Bugs find out their flash doesn't work about four hours before their flight leaves. After rushing like a mad bitch, I dropped down some cash on a new flash and made the flight. We pick up a clunker, er, rental and drive 90 minutes north from Louisville to Bedford, IN. I park the kids at their dad's and hit the road for another 90 minute drive to Indy to meet Garrison, my mentor for Saturday morning's shoot. Halfway there I slowly begin to realize I have ZERO idea where my hotel is. Here's how the blogosphere works; Garrison actually drives to Indy and scouts out my hotel for me! I meet him in the lobby, hug him furiously, then we head to dinner. After dinner we head over to Howl at the Moon, a dueling piano/sing-a-long bar. I won't say the night was a disaster - far from it, as G is about the nicest, most interesting person I've met in a looooooooong long time. The bar, however, was fairly sorry. Imagine your typical college meat market, with really really really bad live music. Now, multiply that by, oh, 10,000 and you have Howl at the Moon. Can you believe it was STILL fun?!?!? G just made it that way. 'Round 'bout midnight, G walks me back to the hotel and offers to meet me at the crack ass of dawn so I don't get lost on my way to the shoot. We make it with time to stop for a (much needed) cup of coffee on the way. Kati arrives shortly thereafter, and by 6am, I've got my camera aimed at a real model. Both G and Kati made it effortless...well, actually, my first 20 shots suck ASS, but then they get better. I think. Well, see for yourself:

There's more to the story, and a hell of a lot more Kati, but my ADD/OCD is acting up, so I'll save the rest for another day.