Monday, September 19, 2005

Me-Me Monday!

Would ya just LOOKIE THAR at that funky little button Lu made for us? She is sooooo talented. You might even say she is "the shits", because that makes her giggle. If you would like to steal this beauty for your post today, here's the code:

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Let me clear something up before we get to today's All About Me-Me post. Binsk asked last week if we HAVE to go in order on our 101 Things About Me list. Well, of course can do them in any order you would like. Shit - it's not like I'm going to come to Canada and beat your ass for skipping #7 or anything, Binsk!

2. I get my sense of humor from my father.

I remember the first time I made my mom laugh. My sister was eating a fish sandwich from McDonalds. She was maybe five, and that would make me around nine. She dropped mustard down her face and it dribble from her chin to her white shorts. My mom, always quick to remind us that we ruin everything we touch, started to say something negative and I chimed in: "I always knew you had a yellow streak, I just didn't know where." My mother stared at me, then tears welled up in her eyes. As she laughed and they spilled over, she said, "That sounds like something your father might have said."

As I told you last week, my father is Sicilian. The thing about us WOPS is that most of the time, we don't even KNOW we're being funny...we're just being "passionate" and it's mistaken for "funny". Let me tell you something ELSE...nothing pisses an angry Italian more than having someone tell her she's "so cute" when she's flying off in a blind rage. HOW COME NOBODY BUT ME KNOWS WHERE THE FUCKING DISHWASHER IS? WHY THE FUCK DO I HAVE TO PICK UP EMPTY POP CANS FROM ALL OVER THE HOUSE? AM I YOUR MOTHER OR YOUR MAID? I SWEAR TO YOU ALL THAT ONE OF THESE DAYS I AM GOING ON STRIKE. I WILL STAY IN A HOTEL WITH ROOM SERVICE AND YOU WILL STARVE OR DIE OF DISEASE FROM ROLLING IN YOUR OWN FILTH. WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU LAUGHING?
You see, that's funny shit right there!

So, did you play? Well, did you? Let me know and I'll linky you up over there on my sidebar. Speaking of sidebars, I did update on Sunday -- movie review, new music, a new blog for you to visit, and some misc. what-not.