Friday, October 14, 2005


I love how my weeks end here in Blog World! I get to take pictures and show pictures, and torture my family by forcing them to be the subjects of my blog addiction. Pull up a chair, I loaded this baby down with memes and images!

Stuff Portrait Friday (follow the link and play along!)

(1)The best picture you have ever taken of something/someone

I call this portrait "Barnacle Man". I hope he doesn't have access to the internet, because I never got him to sign a release. You see, I'd had my starter-camera for maybe four months. I knew nothing about photography. All I knew is that I liked what I saw -- this man with his beautiful, glistening skin and intense eyes. I knew I had 3200 Ilford B&W in my camera, and I just had to take his picture. I took this back in 2002. I've upgraded cameras three times, upgraded lenses a dozen times, and yet this is still my favorite portrait. Go figure.

(2)The best picture of yourself & why you think it is.

My husband took this with his Hassleblad before he went to large format. The time is April, 2002 and the occassion is our honeymoon in Puerto Rico. I think this is my favorite picture of me because it's completely unposed. It's me. I was simply taking in the beauty of historic PR, with my trusty camera close by. I remember sitting in this window with the breeze blowing up my skirt, soothing the wicked sunburn of the day before. I remember being completely happy and completely at peace. Not only do I think it shows in this photograph, but it takes me back to that feeling every single time I view it. Nice job, LoveBug!

(3)A favorite picture that someone else took/painted/doodled

You know, there are so many talented photographers that I'm blessed to call "friend", but none of them that I would steal from. So I'm going to honor my husband (and I own everything he owns now, so I CAN post this photo without his expressed permission) and show you one of my favorite LoveBug, Inc. Photos. It's medium format, so ya gotta click on it to bring it up large and beautiful.

This was taken (again) with his Hassleblad, and I cheated by adding the "frame" in PSP (thanks Lu). We were in Venice for the day and I had loaded my camera with B&W ( I love Ilford 3200, but what kind of MORON goes to Venice with B&W film?) I love this photo for its color, its subject and composition, and for the fact that my husband could totally have submitted this to a travel magazine and been published. Yeah, I think he's THAT good.

Self-Portrait Friday (again, follow the link and play along)

Let's see everyone acting like a "jerkass".

So my dog, my purebred seems to have eczema. Yes, my dog's skin is allergic to air. So I have to bathe her every single night with a special shampoo, then cram a little pill down her throat and force her to swallow it.

If she's not thinking "Mom's a jerkass" then I don't know who is!

(FunkyB -- meeting the "self-portrait" portion of this meme by including her hand.)


I went outside to try to get a picture of the toenail polish chips I keep forgetting to take off. When we were on our cruise last summer, I bought that polish that is clear until the sun hits it, and then it's red. So I keep forgetting that it's fading off UNTIL I'm at work, in direct sunlight, in sandals. But there's no sun today. Instead you get another image, chalk-full of WT fun. First, would you LOOK at that farmer's tan on my feet? Next, if you look really closely, you'll see that my legs are in serious need of a razor. Look further and you'll see that our backyard is pink, as in trailor-park, can't-plant-grass pink. The truth of this photo is that we just killed off everything in the backyard and my husband put weedblock tarp down in preparation for our grand landscaping project. Other elements of WT visible is my WT, bald as a scrotum dog, AND as a bonus, the fucking birdfeeder my neighbors erected on their side of the property...the fucking birdfeeder that says "Visit Rock City"...the fucking birdfeeder that they bought at some WT tourist trap and then erected so that it sticks out over the top of our privacy fence (what part of "privacy" don't you people get?) . The fucking bird feeder that is perfectly visible through the french doors and into my living room. Talk about WT!

That's a wrap, Kids! I've got some fun stuff planned for next week -- wrote myself right on out of that slump. We've got Me-Me Monday, Random Updates of previous post topics, and much more! Have yourselves a GREAT weekend. I'll be thinking about you while my girls and I hit the day, really I will because I'll working up a great blog as they pull various things out of my various orifices. Ciao!