Monday, December 19, 2005

Me-Me #13 -- I Secretly Hate My Sister

Welcome to another installment of, "Come ON -- tell me the WHOLE story!" otherwise known as "I love to talk about myself", and in a pinch can be called Me-Me Monday. The object of the game is to refer to your 101 Things About Me list, pick one of your "things" and tell the whole sordid tale. If you're new and you want to grab this image for your post, see the instructions at the end of my post.

#13 -- I secretly hate my sister.

Here's something I haven't mentioned -- The Wisdom of Funky Bugs recently celebrated it's 1-year anniversary, as well as her 300th post. I say that to say this; I have no idea what was going on in my life a year ago that would prompt me to say that I hate my sister.


No, really.

I've been thinking about it all afternoon; why did I write that?

Was I trying to be funny?

Oh-- oh -- was I drinking?

Or is there some part of me, some stinkin' spoiled brat that still hates my sister for getting all the love and acceptance from our dad that I so desperately needed?

Is that inner brat still jealous that my sister got Channel No. 5 from our dad on the same year he gave me Haltson?

Is Little-Miss-Rebel still tanked because my sister was allowed to get a car at sixteen, while I had to wait until I was damned near 21 in order to afford that $300.00 piece of shit I call My First Car?

Maybe that poor, whiney matyr is still stinging from the time my sister got to go to Italy for a week with her Latin class (though she was flunking it) but I never got to go to Peru with my Spanish class (though I aced it).

I really have no idea why I wrote #13 last year. No clue at all. Weird, huh?

Let me know if you played! Technorati found a few of you that I didn't know about, and if you play I want to know so's I can give you that linky lovin!

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