Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Post #298 and Still Figuring It Out

I don't usually do a recap of a previous day's post, but I have to briefly touch on your comments from yesterday's topic.

I hang around with the coolest bunch of kids in the blogosphere.

I'm not amazed at "yep, me too" comments, though some of them were so profoundly beautiful that they made me cry.

I'm amazed at the class of readers that can disagree, but be intelligent and respectful.

No, I'm not saying that I love "yes" people, I'm saying that YOU ALL ARE AMAZING in your ability to say, "No, Funky, I don't agree with you" while still being top-notch class acts.

Nobody called me a bleeding-heart liberal (though I am), not even anonymously.

And you empowered me to take back my blog just that much more. No, that doesn't mean I'm going to write about moral and ethical subjects or the war in Iraq... it just means that I shed another layer of skin, and I'm blessed to have such an intelligent and compassionate group of people I call my bloggy friends.

Four random things before I go:

Thank you, Fox, for bringing my boys back tonight. Fuck you very much for taking another hiatus next week. Fucktards.

I took my last final of the semester and SO got an 'A'. Little Miss 4.0 rides on in to her last semester with a perfect GPA. Let's see if I can maintain it while taking Biology. I hate dissecting things. I'm not fond of the smell of embalming and preserving fluids and such.

I might not be as attentive to you all in the next few days as I'd like to be. I have to pack up and tear apart my kitchen, as it's being remodeled and the installers are due in on Saturday. Yes, of course you get before and after pics. Shephard, when it's up, you'd better e-mail me and tell me what to put and where!

AND as if two, two, two blogs weren't enough, there's a THIRD blog listed in my profile called "meme" that is active. I got tagged, and this time decided to show mercy. BUT I put it over here, so if you really think there's any need for me to divulge MORE info about myself, you can have a click.

This is Funky, and that is all.