Monday, January 16, 2006

Me-Me Monday - Not On the Books Yet

I'm sort of suspending Me-Me for the holiday. Some people have to go to work, some of us are going to enjoy our paid holiday. There's no reason to stop blogging for a holiday -- quite frankly, holidays give me more time to blog. But there's this brand new fact that hasn't made it to the 101 Things About Me List that I'm going to share with you.

A fact not yet on the books, and the reason I'm just not up to writing tonight.

I get weird headaches.

They aren't exactly migraines. They are way more than your average headache.

First my eyes start to hurt.
Then my nasal cavities.
Then I feel as if I'm running a fever, but in fact it's just my blood pressure rising.
Then my back starts to hurt. A lot.
Usually after that -- if I don't rest immediately -- my stomach begins to cramp.
Then my brain explodes inside my skull and I become a pile of mush.

I'm having such an episode as we speak. It started about 3:30 and culminated, oh, NOW.

So there's a fact for you, and a reason why I'm just not up to writing tonight.

Tomorrow I'm going to touch on those GREAT Friday suggestions you all commented with. I think I'm going to enjoy Fridays oh so much!

Be reverant today. A great man (who would have been a great man without his great deeds) gave up a lot to help us understand we're all cut from the same cloth, by the same creator.

This is Funky, and that is all.