Tuesday, February 21, 2006

An Update on LoveBug's Leg

LoveBug aka GimpyBug and I trekked over to the Ortho today for his follow-up. We were really feeling so optimistic. Over the weekend we were actually able to get out a little bit. He walked through the mall with his crutches, and stopped for some coffee at Barnies.

We took the kids to their various and assorted hangouts and had a grown-up dinner at Sam Setzers.

It FELT like things were beginning to return to some semblance of normalcy.
Sunday he felt better than he has since he broke his leg. He was able to put a small amount of pressure on his foot and not wince. It all looked so promising. We had visions of a walking boot and a release to drive, dancing in our heads.

Imagine our sadness when the Ortho said, "Looking good, coming along, rest, elevation, no pressure."

Click to play video

(I know it sounds like I'm making fun of him, but this is how we communicate. When one of is us sad, the other one makes a stupid joke. Don't knock it -- it's how we got together in the first place.)

So, other than getting rid of his Una Boot, we're still at square one.

And it breaks my heart. Send him some prayers and healing thoughts, for his leg AND for his spirit.

This is Funky, and that is all.