Wednesday, February 15, 2006

When Did I Earn THIS Karma?

The day before my husband broke his leg, I stopped in my college office to apply for graduation. They gave me a form, told me to fill it out, and told me to bring it back.

Last night I was sitting in lecture hall and the professor brought up the college website on the monitor.

Graduation deadline was Friday, February 10th.

I had completely forgotten it with all the excitement of nurturing GimpyBug.

I called my guidance counselor today and pleaded with her to no avail.

I've busted my ASS for my 4.0 so that I could walk with honors. I'm Phi Theta Kappa for Christ's sake! I made the goddamned National Dean's List!

And because I missed the deadline by four days, I don't get to walk.

I can get my diploma.

But no walky.

I'm beyond upset about this! It overshadowed the entire day. It even lessened my giggles during House M.D. It put me is such a horrible mood that the nasty comment I got on yesterday's post didn't even cause me to blink an eye. Call me whatever you want, Freaky. Your insults pale in comparison to being shunned at graduation.

Somebody cheer me up.

This is Funky, and that is all.