Monday, August 28, 2006

Wine - Oh!!!

Seeing as I love my wine, I know you'll appreciate this fun weekend I had.

LoveBug and I went to Orlando to check out a place called Grapes to Glass. After testing/tasting/slugging back some various wines, we picked a nice Chateau du Something and made our way to the production area. Here we are getting ready to make our own wine.

Aren't we cute in our to-die-for aprons?
So now we're getting ready to make our own wine. The first step involved mixing distilled water with some kind of chemical. Don't ask me what it was -- I was kind of tipsy at this point from sampling and sampling and sampling the various choices.

The lady said I was a really good stirrer, so I got to take the paddle and give it a whirl.

Then we got to add some juice. this time Mr. BigBiceps did the honors, while I stirred.

Basically we found out that making wine is mostly taking pre-packaged shit and stirring it.

And stirring it.
And stirring it some more.
Believe it or not, we got to add grapes to the mix. Yes, not just juice, but real grapes... all sugary and wonderful. It was actually kind of obscene, squishing them out like that.
But then we tied the cheese cloth off and floated the bitch.

LoveBug put some themometer thing (Yes dammit, that IS the technical term) that measured the percentage of alcohol the batch contained.

Since it's a baby at 1%, we have to leave it for 8 weeks until it finishes becoming a grown-up wine. So LoveBug snapped the lid on and we said bye-bye.

In about eight weeks we'll get a call to come bottle and cork it. Any suggestions on what our private reserve should be called? You get bonus points if you comment on my 40 pound weight loss ;)

This is Funky, and that is all.