Thursday, August 31, 2006

You've GOT to be F-ing Kidding Me!

I want you to really take a look at the following image. Click on it to enlarge it, then study it carefully.

This print is by fine art photographer Jerry Uelsmann. It is not, I repeat NOT photoshopped. Mr. Uelsmann does all his work in the dark room. All dodging and blending of images are done by hand on one single sheet of paper using multiple exposures and negatives. Now take a look at this one.

Pretty damned amazing, is it not? Mr. Uelsmann's work sells for THOUSANDS, and to date many of his works have been impossible to recreate by any other artist (using the darkroom, not photoshop.)

So THIS is MY first assignment for Photo II, which I began last week. I have to go out and shoot stuff, then after processing my negatives I must choose a few images to superimpose upon each other, using only my HANDS as dodging tools in the darkroom.

I firmly believe my beautiful professor has lost his fucking mind.

I have not even the slightest clue what to produce, let alone how to produce it. But LoveBug is whisking me off to Key West tomorrow for a long weekend. Perhaps inspiration will strike... if not, I pray lightening will because at this rate, I'm never going to make it through this class.

If I'm not deceased, I'll see you on Tuesday. Happy holidays!
This is Funky, and that is all.