Monday, September 25, 2006

Life Behind The Lens - Adventures in Infrared

There she is -- The Project from Hell, in its completion. I call it The Church.

Both the tree AND the door were shot in Key West.

My latest assignment is shooting infrared film. We were given two assignments: Nudes in Nature, and Civilizations Lost. Since my life has been all about the camera lately, I'll just share a few of my favorite shots and leave it at that.

Just so you know, that's real lens flare, not the Photoshopped kind!

Well, this next one deserves a story. I'm sure many of you have heard of the Black Hills Passion Play. The guy who started it also started one here in Florida so he could continue his roll as Jesus when the weather got too cold up north. It lasted a few years, but shut down awhile back. It reopened in 2000, but Hurricane Charlie shut it down again. It's been an abandoned property since then. As you can see, time has not been kind, but man was the film kind to the property!

One more in color to give you an idea of the state of abandonment.

Next are some of my shots from St. Anne's Shrine. Here's the Wikipedia story behind the shrine.

Ste Anne des Lacs

The story of St. Anne's Shrine goes like this: A man from Canada came down to Florida with his very sick son. His son had been diagnosed as terminally ill. While traveling in Florida, they came upon the little lake at what is now St. Anne's. They swam and camped there and the boy's condition improved, and he was miraculously cured. His cure was attributed to the healing waters, and so the man single-handedly built a shrine to St. Anne, a popular Canadian saint associated with water, in an oak hammock next to the lake. The shrine was de-sanctified by the Diocese of St. Augustine in the 1960's. The Catholic church eventually demolished most of the church, leaving only the altar.

OH YEAH... ONE MORE THING: I CANNOT decide which of these infrared shots should be turned in for a grade. I'd love your input on that!

This is Funky, and that is all.