Sunday, September 10, 2006

A Weekend Well Had

Before I dive into this glass of wine and a rousing game of Cubis II, I'm just going to reflect on my weekend.

Friday -- awesome in that I got to do nothing. No one needed a ride anywhere. I came home, I stayed home. It was so freaking rare that I savored every second. I know it a few years they'll all be driving themselves around (and then I'll have new things to worry about), but right now it's all go go go.

Saturday I took CadiBug to the mall for a few hours. We had a blast -- wait, I should say, CadiBug took me to the mall. She has her permit now, so it's a constant "Can I drive? Can I drive?" It's the Permit Lament on a regular basis. However, we had fun together doing girl things. Later that night I got all dressy and shit because LoveBug took me to Tampa to see Rent. I've been dying dying to see it for so long, and I've avoided knowing ANYTHING about it so that I would be in awe the first time I saw it. OMG. I'm saying -- I couldn't talk for about five minutes after it was over. Everytime I tried to put into words what that show made me feel, I started crying.

Sunday was crazy day -- errands and upkeep and bullshit galore. My son, he bought a "grill." And he wants me to like it. And I can't because he looks like a dumbass and sounds like a moron. But oh how I love that boy, so I do try to let him make his own stupid mistakes.

And that was my weekend, in a condensed nutshell. How was yours?

This is Funky, and that is all.