Sunday, September 17, 2006

Picasso's Cup, The Grape Gatsy, and a Saint Named Anne

I can remember the day when weekends meant cleaning and yard work -- doing all the things that you don't have time to do during the work week. Seeing as how I just flew through the house getting it picked up so the maids can clean tomorrow (I know, it just sounds weird), I can honestly say that I don't remember what a mundane weekend is like. I guess I have my adventurous husband to thank for that! So here's my weekend recap!

Friday night my daughter wanted to go run around the new mall/community they have erected on the southside of town. It's really such a neat place -- it's almost like getting away to a small town where everything is open late... plus it's patrolled by cops, so it's a "safe" place (safe from her, that is.) So hubs and I decided to hang out there, rather than drop her off, drive back home, then turn around to pick her up later. So we had dinner, then stumbled upon a wine and cigar bar where we spent an hour or so drinking and giggling and making fun of Geraldo Rivera (who was bitching on the big screen tv). Then we wandered over to the ice cream parlor for a naughty treat before heading to Picasso's Cup, where we painting some creations which shall be picked up in about ten days.

I goofed off all day Saturday until it was time to get ready for The Grape Gatsby. This is the 20's era costume party I mentioned last week. The Tampa Theater is a historic institution that frequently holds fund raisers to help maintain the building. I wish I'd thought to take pics of the theater because it's really impressive. Next time, right? Anyhow, we got all dressed up and headed out. I went as a flapper and LoveBug was a gansta! We sampled some great wine and several area restaurants had set up food booths where we got to taste some awesome food. Of course, The Great Gatsby was playing on the screen, but most people were wandering around drinking, eating and networking. We ended the evening by going to the Hard Rock Casino all dressed up crazy and dropped some cash in the machines.

Sunday I had to start my next photo project (yes, I know I haven't finished the hell one yet) so I loaded up some film and we headed out to capture some images. The assignment is actually in two parts. Using infrared film we have to portray the following: Nudes in Nature (still looking for my model on THAT one) and Civilizations Lost. We found an old shrine in the middle of nowhere that was really amazing. Of course I blew the whole roll there, and then took out my digital and snapped some more images to share. These are all pre-production, raw images, but I had to show you how cool this place was!

And that was my crazy and fun-filled weekend! I'm definitely recharged and ready to tackle my dark room time tomorrow!

** Blogger is being bitchy about pictures, so I'm going to stop trying to upload them. If you click on my Flickr banner on the side of the page, you can see more Saint Anne Shrine shots.

This is Funky, and that is all.