Wednesday, October 31, 2007


I was just wandering around here this evening, and I can tell you that this place needs a swift stiff broom and some fresh air.

Unfortunately all I have right now is a nice stiff martini and a lot of hot air.

But after reading this and that spanning almost three years, I realize that's exactly what I like about my writing. Yeah, I said that. "I like my writing." I also like my singing voice, and I like pictures of myself that don't make me look old or fat. Thank God for photoshop on the last one.

I'm going to write for awhile again, and for the time being, I'm disabling comments. I'll put an e-mail address at the end if you really want to bitch at me, but I can't come back here and do what I do if I'm waiting to see what you'll say about it.

But I'm going to start writing again because my life is a freaking whirlwind. I'm only remotely surprised when my husband says, "yes, please take off work and drive across the country with that British guy".

And you know you want to hear about that, right?

Yeah? Bugger off then... I sure as hell want to write about it... plus I want to pick up more British insults like twat and fecker.

This is Funky, and that is all.

Okay... so I can't remember my Haloscan password. But I'm NOT reading comments. Okay, I'll read them, maybe... but I'm NOT going to acknowledge that I read them. Nope. Not gonna read 'em.