Sunday, February 27, 2005

Random Rainy Sunday Thoughts

(1) Why does rain make me happy and lazy at the same time?
(2) At what point will my kids realize that a clean room is a happy room?
(3) Live for your dreams, or dream while you live?
(4) If I have love but not works, am I just being lazy?
(5) A broken heart, or a broken toe? Neither heal particularly well.
(6) If I have five empty beer bottles next to my computer, am I an alcohol, or a blog addict?
(7) I've never sold a song or a photograph. Does that mean I'm a bad artist, or a lazy promoter?
(8) Is caffeine really bad for me, or is it nature's way of saying, "Cheer up!"?
(9) Socially aware, or blissfully ignorant?
(10) If they don't print your GPA on your diploma, what good is a 4.0?
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