Monday, February 28, 2005

Reflections on the Day After My Birthday


I'm not sure if this is going to be one of those lists, but here are some random comments on the day after my birthday.

FIAS, I love you for sending your friends over to my place yesterday! You hang with a really cool bunch of people, and I really enjoyed visiting their digs.

I loved my cyber gifts and all the well-wishes!!! I had a chance to visit some of you and thank you in person. The rest I will get to this evening. My access at work (not that I EVER blog at work) is very slow, so if I WERE going to blog at work (not that I would) I would really only have enough patience to post an entry (not like this one, of course, that was written before work, and just time stamped to LOOK like I was goofing off before my lunch break.) For those of you I haven't been able to visit (yet), THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was 35 LAST birthday. Yesterday was actually my 36th birthday.

I obviously didn't learn a thing last year. I engaged myself in a flame fest for no other reason than to be a smartass to someone who was being a smartass to one of my favorite bloggers, and for my reward, I have been threatened by said ass.

If you're wondering why anyone with the handle "dubyaluvsya" would comment on MY blog of all places, see above comment, and then go visit
Seriously... I never ever learn.

Why would my mom and my best friend forget that yesterday was my birthday? Scott, you gave me a great gift yesterday without even knowing it was my birthday, so you are forgiven. Mom? Seriously dudette... you squeezed me from your loins... how could you forget the exact day and time?

So all my co-workers know I don't eat processed sugar. My cubicle mates (those who have hamster cages in the same room) all collectively decided to bring a small token of friendship rather than the typical birthday cake. The co-workers and bosses in the other room (where the lion cages are) said and did nothing... which I was totally cool with, because I don't um, LIKE THEM (the other co-workers, not birthdays.) But someone thought it wasn't very nice for my boss and his crew to forget my birthday, so they ratted the date out and now I am being "surprised" in 45 minutes with cake... processed sugar that I will have to eat in front of them while feigning surprise and gratitude. Fuckers. I don't know who I'm more angry with... them for thinking I'm that desperate and stupid and needy and gullible, or the person who ratted me out in the first place. It better be someone who got me a nice present. That's all I have to say.

So I got to go to dinner for my birthday last night! Lovebug let me pick, and all the little bugs were silently compliant. Guess what? 3 out of 5 Bugs ended up with severe intestinal distress - that's 1 more toilet than we actually have in our house. I was in the 2/5ths catagory, as was Cuddlebug, the 12yr old son...which left me with all the clean up. Next year maybe I'll pick something other than Mexican.

Karma is a bitch... but only when it's happening to me. When Karma kicks someone else's ass, I fucking love it!

Yeah. Okay. That's it. Love you guys!!!!!

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