Thursday, May 26, 2005

The Plot Sickens...

I spoke with CadyBug a few nights ago regarding the health teacher. I wanted a teacher's name...someone to go to directly. When I asked her the name of the teacher who told her that condoms wouldn't protect her from AIDS, she told me that it wasn't the teacher, but rather a nurse from the local hospital who came as a guest speaker.

No, the teacher did not correct the nurse at any time during her talk.
No, the teacher did not, at any time following the nurse visit, correct the misinformation.

I work for the school board, so this gets sticky now. I asked a co-worker if as a parent, I had the right to request the curriculum. She assured me that as a parent, I could, then asked (out of curiosity I suppose) why I wanted it. When I told her the story, she blew me away. She informed me that our entire county, THE SCHOOL BOARD OF POLK COUNTY, has adopted an abstinence only curriculum for all their sex education units.

Guess what? I'm not fighting the teacher or the school... I'm going to have to fight my employer. Did I mention that my employer also funds my education?

Shit shit shit.