Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Stop Lying to Our Kids!

Please let me in your school!

If you haven't yet visited The Church of Steele, I urge you to do so today. When you get there, please click on his Talk2Kids link and prepare yourself for my rage. Go on - I'll wait.

Okay - you see now how important it is to open the lines of communication with our kids, including conversations about, yes, S.E.X.Because of Garrison's devotion, I recently decided to have a very frank conversation with my soon-to-be-fourteen year old daughter.

I was raised by two non-practicing parents; a non-practicing Lutheran and a non-practicing Methodist. Because I was raised with hypocrasy and narrow-mindedness, I found myself trapped in a religious cult all through my twenties and into my early thirties. This madness has taught me to allow my children exposure to all manner of worship. They are free to attend Baptist revivals or Buddhist temples as they see fit. My daughter spent a year attending a charismatic youth group on Wednesday night with her friends. One of the interesting side-effects is her Chastity Oath; she has a signed card in her wallet that promises the Baby Jesus she will remain a virgin until marriage. Yeah, I had one of those too; it's the very reason I lost my virginity at 17 (the pressure was too much!) So speaking with CadyBug about birthcontrol was a subject that I knew must be approached with the greatest amount of respect for her wishes. She listened as I explained the power of hormones and sexual tension, and how those two critters can cloud our brain and make decisions of passion that we may later regret. I told her a depo shots will protect her from an unwanted pregnancy, but only condoms will protect her from STDs. She then tells me that condoms will NOT protect her from AIDS...that the AIDS virus is small enough to slip through the holes in condoms. MY GOD! I asked her who told her that, and her response was, "My health teacher."

OMFUCKINGGOD! Friends, THIS is what the religious right want taught in our schools! This is what our kids are learning - they are being lied to, and frightened into chastity! Until last week, my kiddo believed that sex with a condom is useless, because they have tiny little holes that allow the viruses to escape. She was laboring under the misguided and deadly belief that if you are going to have sex, condoms are useless, so why bother with the embarrassment of asking your partner to wear one.

Did I set her straight? You betcha. Am I going over to her school this week to have a talk with her health teacher? Damned straight. Bitch, you can teach my kids whatever version of sex education you want to...but don't you fucking lie to my daughter and risk her health in order to scare her into abstinence!

I see a letter to the editor coming.