Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Remember "Funky Gets an A"? A Plea for Insight

I'm taking Psychology as a distance education course online. We were told we would have pop quizzes, with two days to complete them. So I've really studied the material for the 1st two chapters, just to make sure I was ready for the first quiz. Well, here it is:

" To All:

POP QUIZ I, Due no later than Wednesday 5/18/05 at 8:00pm.

"Do you think people believe things because they are true, or are things true because people believe them."

Have fun.

Cheers, Dr.P. "

WTF? What the fuck kind of quiz is this? Come on...ask me who the father of American Psychology is? Ask me, "Who was the first woman to receive a PhD in pyschology." Ask me the difference between structuralism and functionalism. Don't ask me some bullshit, esoteric nonsense!!!

Okay - Chime in guys. Help Funky Get an A.