Thursday, May 12, 2005


Searchin' for a Rainbow tagged me for an interesting meme. She posed five unusual questions for me and only me (I'm soooooooo special) and let me answer them. So here are my answers. In addition, I would like to continue the meme (because I don't want to work today.) If you would like to be interviewed, please say so in the comment section, and I'll fire off your five questions.

1. What's your favorite television show? Why? Normally, I'm a reality show junkie, but the only way I define my favorite show is by asking myself which show I would kill someone if they made me miss. The answer is, "House MD." It's got all the elements of ER when ER was cool... and it's full of cynicism and rudeness. What's not to love? Oh yes, and Hugh Laurie's eyes...

2. What's the scariest thing you ever saw/went through? Okay, when I was like five or six, I was walking down the front steps of my grandma's house. When I reached the bottom step, I felt like I had just walked through a wall of pins (kind of like those pin cushion art things they sell at Spencer Gifts.) I stood totally frozen , then screamed. I never knew what it was that happened to me, and I've never been able to find anyone who could give me a satisfactory explanation. It remains the scariest experience of all time.

3. What kind of music makes you feel like dancing? Which group or artist is your favorite? Call me a dork, but every time I hear Rachel Lampa sing "Blessed" I start doing some dork-assed ballet thing...which is totally embarrassing when I get caught. But I don't have one single favorite artist or genre or song. I love all music, provided it's well written, well sung, and not in the least bit trite.

4. If you're driving alone, in your car, and you decide to strike up a conversation with yourself, what topic do you pick? "Why the hell are you so fat? It's just a fucking Twinkie. It's not the golden cock. Shut your pie-hole, you pig."

5. Which would you rather do, stand naked by the side of the highway, or walk over a floor covered with broken glass? Tell me why you chose. Jesus H. If I were still a size 6, I'd pick the highway hands down. I'm an exhibitionist at heart anyhow, and I think nudity is beautiful. BUT since I'm not a size six right now, I'd probably choose the glass. Scars heal, but horrific shame is eternal.

There you have it - the daily meme. Shew... now I don't have to worry about today's topic!