Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Enough Kati? neither.

So where were we before my ADD/OCD kicked in? Oh right...ass-crack of dawn.

I didn't mention that I agreed to meet G in the lobby of my hotel at 5am. I placed my wake-up call, then set the alarm for back-up. At precisely 4:47am, I wake to the sound of none of those things. It was, instead, G calling my cell phone to let me know he was a tad early. This disclaimer is offered, due to the condition of my appearance in the following photo (and yes, over-sleeping DOES make my ass look fat).

Aside from my aforementioned flash failure, my wide angle lens turned out NOT to "fit most cameras" and I was forced to work with a kit lense and a standard zoom. GRRRREat. Nervous as a cat, I set out to at least LOOK like I SORT of knew what I was doing. If you've ever checked out my flicker stuff, you know that the things I shoot stand still. Real still. For a real long time. Kati does NOT, in fact, stand still. My first thoughts were, "Jesus God in Heaven, please let the time go quickly."

It did.


Before long, I had some 70 shots and the sun was fighting us fast. With narry a moment to spare, we sped off to a playground for Kati's next set. She whipped on a very very mini-skirt with a black corset and a long blue duster. To top the look, she zipped herself into some knee-high leather boots. I chose to sit this one out in order to watch G work. I wasn't the only clown in the circus that morning; a middle-aged man studied Kati for several minutes as she negotiated some playground equipment in the most erotic of manners. Our on-looker approaches me from the other side of the fence and asks...
"Senior portraits?"

(c. Garrison Steele)

No, I am not shitting you. Stunned, I shook my head from side to side. A few seconds passed, and I turned to him and said, "Sir, if you know of a high school nearby that would allow senior portraits of this manner, could you please give us directions?" With that, he beat a hasty retreat. He will return again in a few minutes, but we'll save that for tomorrow's shots/tomorrow's post.