Thursday, August 25, 2005

The Things a Girl Will Do for Garrison

After Kati's second shoot, the strange onlooker approached us once again. He made some obligatory remarks aimed at Garrison regarding his camera, then he turns to Kati and says, "You look like a model."Um, yeah. That's what I was thinking. Kati's ever-so-gracious response was, "Well, he's taking pictures." With that, we retreated to the parking lot so that Kati could change for her last set of the day. Mr. Onlooker (obviously not well-versed in taking a hint) follows us and proceeds to wait in his van (yes, he drove a van...what a shock). This forces Kati to climb into her car in the hopes that Mr. Onlooker will assume we are leaving. Did I mention she's smart? It worked, and it was on to the next set, clad only in a full-length leather coat and those kick-ass boots. My first thoughts were to continue observing and stay out of G's way, but when I saw her hair against those ropes, well...

I fired a few from a distance, and then...well...You may recall from an early post that I've prescribed near saint-hood status to Garrison Steele. Quite possibly, his kind and generous spirit would drive a girl to do just about anything to make him smile. In reality, I have personally witnessed the lengths, and heights, a girl will go to in order to please this Marquis de Sade:
This little Igor is quite grateful the master has such a big whip. (Oh shit - that didn't come out right, but it was funny as HELL!) At any rate, Igor-bug is ever so grateful to the fabulous Garrison Steele for letting her share in his visionary talents.

As if this experience weren't enough, it wasn't long before we were off to Bloomington for lunch with Mamacita and Scotty...but more on that tomorrow!