Thursday, March 23, 2006

Just Felt Like Checking In

I'm taking a break from the "other stuff"... CadiBug is reveling in her newly regained computer priveledges, CuddleBug is sleeping off a rough day of sleeping through class (ain't growth spurts a bitch) and LoveBug is working his little tush off at 8pm at night, making calls and keeping the contacts going.

This means for fifteen minutes or so, I can blog.

And I wanted to, if just to tie up some loose ends.

The Leg:
We got gooooooood news from the Doc today. He says GimpyBug will be LoveBug again in about four more weeks. Bye-bye crutches, hello clutches. That boy will be back to business as usual in just a wee bit.

The Diet:
After my first month on Nutrisystem, I've lost 14 pounds. Go me. I love the program, LOVE the food... just happy as a clam.

The Family:
It's quiet, it's peaceful, and no one has been "almost arrested" in several weekends. Let's break out the wine, shall we?

Next week is Spring Break, and I'll be out of town. The ex is driving down to spend the week with our kids, and I get to drive GimpyBug all over Boca Raton so he can do that thing he loves to do; work. Yeah, I don't get it either.

Lastly, I've gotten to play with the LensBaby I got for my birthday. Here's a few shots I'm rather happy with.

You can see the rest of my LensBabies by clicking on the flickr banner over there in my sidebar... then click on my profile. Blogger is being bitchy and it's taking forever to load a simple photo.

I miss you -- all of you. I've been lurking, I really have. Check your stat counter ;)

This is Funky, and that is all.