Saturday, March 04, 2006

Updated Saturday Morning 'Cause I 'unt' to.

Wha? She blogs on Saturday? What the hell?

Yeah... well, I've been talking my poor husband's ear off all morning. I think he went to the bathroom to get away from me. So I'm going to type your eyeballs off now.

The audioblog below this is the one from Thursday night. This is the recap of sorts, with the promised photo of Slutty/Ugly.

M'kay. So I talked about my adventures with weight loss, and I'll talk more about that Monday when I continue my Me-Me. Therefor, I'll skip the recap on that particular subject.

I also mentioned in my audioblog that Slutty/Ugly returned to the fold. Seems that week she missed was just a week she was skipping. She returned the following week, and she was the same old S/U that I've come to loathe. My god, the kid has no shame. She bounces off the walls and makes her presence known in such a manner that I actually feel uncomfortable FOR her.

So last Thursday's class started out great. I was chatting it up with some classmates, one of whom shares my birthday. She was showing me the new camera her mommy gifted her with, so I took out my little Elph that my darling husband bought for me. My professor wanted to see it -- thought it was "really cool" and proceeded to take this photo.

I'm not proud of the large green monster in the foreground, but I show it to you now in the form of my "before" picture. As things were going smashingly well and the attention was NOT on her at all, S/U proceeded to command the attention of the entire class by announcing she had NO film. The stupid cow didn't even do the friggin' assignment and tried to "cute" her way out of it. Since my professor had already opened the door for me to take photos, here is the evidence to show that her attempts to charm my professor failed.

And here's a much better picture of the professor I've come to adore again.
Couldn't you just eat him with a spoon? He's so adorable.

And to round out this post, here's what I got for my birthday.

This (in Rockstar Red, of course):

And this (with additional macro lens accessory):

Which does stuff like this:

I'm going to take my lensbaby out this weekend and play with it. IF I get some cool shit, I'll drop it online and give you a heads up.

Have a beautious weekend...and have a drink on me.

Oh, and here's that audioblog thing.

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