Saturday, June 17, 2006

It's Recap Time -- Part One

Photo Heavy Post Below!!! If you wish, click on them to see a larger version

Seeing as I've been a Blog Bum for the last few weeks, I figured that while I had several cups of coffee going on a Saturday afternoon, this would be as good a time as any to play catch up. I apologize in advance for what I assume is going to be the longest post ever.

My vacation actually began a day ahead of time. I drove to work Thursday morning as usual, but while walking to the office I ran across a strange woman screaming "The courthouse is on fire! It's on fire! No court today! Fire. Fire." She was like a strange Beavis and Butthead charactature. I called into the office and my co-worker giggle. "No, it's not on FIRE, it's out of POWER. But come on up. We're roasting marshmellows and telling ghost stories." So I went into the office and goofed off with my co-workers for an hour until the Duty Judge finally told us to go home while maintenance worked on restoring the power. Day off, with pay. My vacation officially begins.

After taking the rest of Thursday and the better part of Friday to properly prepare for vacation, LoveBug, CuddleBug, Lightening Bug and I finally headed out. We spent the night at a hotel near our docking port. Nothing to tell here. I guess I could have left this paragraph out.

Saturday we caught the shuttle to our ship and were on the Glory before noon. Here are the first shots from our cruise.

At this point, I think it's best to break the recap into catagories as opposed to days.

Ports of Call
Our first port of call was Cozumel. My husband had the brilliant idea to rent a Jeep for the day. We drove around the entire island with the top down. It was probably the most glorious experience imaginable. We stopped once along the way to capture the most honest roadsign ever.
This shot I had to catch on the fly.

We found the coolest restaurant (or whatever you call it in Mexico) called Coconuts, and parked the Jeep. Coconuts is perched on I guess what you'd call a cliff. Whatever you call it, it's the highest point in Cozumel, so the view was breathtaking.

The staff at Coconuts are awesome! They don't ever treat you like a pain-in-the ass tourist. They're happy to see you! The bring cold beer, strong margharitas, fresh chips and salsa, and even joke with the kids. They were hit hard by Hurricane Emily, actually losing their entire building. The bartender showed us a photo album of the damage which contained shots of them working to rebuild. Among the very few things that Emily left behind, this mannaquine was recovered. She was renamed and stands propped against a tree just outside the bar hut.

The interior of Coconuts is decorated with t-shirts and other garments left by tourists. I also had to take a few shots of my favorite memorabelia from Coconuts.

After lunch we drove to an excavation sight to view some Mayan Ruins. The kids always hate this shit, so we made it quick. I was most likely about 200 degrees at this point. I did stop to shoot a few ruins.

This is a closeup of the Temple of the Red Hands. No one knows why there are red, child-size handprints on the wall, but it's eerie and beautiful.

We spent a bit of time in downtown Cozumel too. As you can see, Emily and Wilma really f-cked them up, but the shops and bars are rebuilt. *grin*

LoveBug bought me a gorgeous pair of Tanzenite earrings (feeding the damaged economy, doncha know?) and the kids and I got henna tattoos. Sorry -- I was too drunk at this point to remember to take a picture of them, but there were cool as hell. After a full day in the sun, we were ready to get back on our boat.

Funny how time offers a perspective after the fact. I'd give just about anything to be back there right now.

Next post: Belize (sans photos)

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