Sunday, May 28, 2006

Today is Laundry Day (Plus Shopping Therapy Synopsis)

Today is laundry day. I know that sounds horrible, but it's really not.

When I assign a title to a day, that day becomes solely about that thing.

Because today is laundry day, I don't have to do another damned thing all day.
I don't have to drive anyone anywhere.
I don't have to run any errands.
I don't have to go to the gym (although I probably will.)
I don't have to catch up on this, or that, or the other thing.
I just have to do laundry.

The beauty of laundry day is that you work at folding or loading for maybe 15 minutes, then you sit patiently for about an hour.

As much as I (obviously, by the size of the pile of dirty clothing) hate doing laundry, I love laundry day.

In other news:

LoveBug took charge of the boys yesterday and gave me a day to myself. While he chauffered the kids to their various and assorteds, I spent the day alone. Well, "alone" if you don't count all the people at the mall. I took a debit card and some petty cash to the mall with no mention on LoveBug's part to keep any kind of budget, and I shopped. My GOD it was glorious. I didn't have to buy anything for anyone but me. Me, me, me. I got all my clothing for our cruise next weekend, and I even treated myself to a shiny bit from Gordon's Jewelers.
It was simply wonderful, shopping therapy. I guess the sad part was seeing all this stuff that I normally would have bought for my daughter had she been there. She used to be my shopping buddy.

I did shop until I dropped though. I was truly sick and tired of looking through racks of clothing and lugging around those heavy shopping bags. Yeah, sucks to be me, huh? LOL.
This is Funky, and that is all.

All, except for a brief mention of my weight loss. I have now lost 33.6 pounds.