Monday, September 04, 2006

Changes in Latitudes

There is absolutely nothing trite about that title. There is really something to the Keys. I don't know what it is about hitting Key Largo, but the feeling intensifies as each mile marker gets closer and closer to zero. I really did leave the world behind me. Just look at our faces and you'll see we all did. That is a genuine smile on each face.

I love the pace of Key West. There's a sign somewhere that says, "What's your hurry? You're already here." That sums it up perfectly. You just move at will, rest at will, laugh and drink and love at will. Rules don't have to be enforced with the kids because they don't exist. You just become the core of who you really are.

We're all back home now, sadly. And even though I know I'll be getting up to go to work tomorrow, it feels like someone else will be doing that. Right now I'm still in a Key West frame of mind. I hope it stays with us all for as long as it can.

This is Funky, and that is all.