Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Time Machine

I'm 18 and I want to go to Anderson University and study voice under the same instructors that had a hand in raising up Sandy Patti.

But I get a free ride to Indiana University instead, and I'm going to flunk out after first semester. It's not that I can't do the work, it's just that I'm too immature to appreciate a good education. Rather, I'm focusing on appreciating my status as someone's girlfriend.

I'm 19 and I check the mailbox every day before my mom gets home from work. I don't want her to find the note from the dean saying I've flunked out in my second semester.

I'm 19 through 34 and I'm working a series of shitty paying jobs.

I'm 34 and I'm a college freshman.

I'm 36 and I'm graduating from a two-year in seven months.

I wish I could bitch-slap me at 18. I had absolutely no responsibilities back then. I could work, or not. I had no kids, no bills, no restraints on my time. I had only one broken dream, and a once in a lifetime opportunity to attend a fine university for absolutely no money. I'm 36 and I still live with a broken dream... I would have lived with it either way. I could be a non-vocalist with a Masters... instead I'm a 36yr old non-vocalist, college sophomore with kids, a job, a house, a cat, a dog... and a blog.

In other words - some times some things must be put aside in order to atone for our past sins. I had to put my blog aside ONCE AGAIN so I could learn all there is for a 36yr old sophomore to know about the Big Bang, while simultaneously rescuing my daughter's goldfish from my son's cat, spending quality time with my husband, and busting my arse trying to keep an entire office afloat.

Thanks for hanging in here with me.