Friday, April 01, 2005

A Bug With a Purpose

Damn you, Zogby!
Damn you to hell.
(format stolen from "One Child Left Behind")

In the year leading up to the mishap we now refer to as Election 2004, I signed up to be a Zogby Survey participant. All the surveys at that time were election related and don't you KNOW I had to put in my 2 cents (1.2 cents after inflation and a small head injury I'm sure I must have suffered as a child.) Now that the fiasco has been resolved (uh, yeah) Zogby has gone off their rocker. From the latest Zogby Poll:

Q. Do you have a "blog" or online diary?
A. Yes
Q. Does your blog or online diary have a theme, intention, or purpose?
A. Huh?
Q. Is your blog or online diary's theme, intention, or purpose clearly stated?
A. Monkey say what?
Q. Do you ever lie in your blog or online diary?
A. It's not lying - it's creative writing, thankyouverymuch.
Q. If you ever lie in your blog or online diary, do your readers know?
A. Good Lord I hope not.
Q. Is lying in your blog or online diary part of the theme, intention, or purpose of your blog or online diary?
A. I suck.

I've failed at just about every diet and exercise program I've ever tried, I sold my soul to Nashville to become a singer/songwriter to no avail, and my house looks like a demon-possessed, mutant monkey threw a toga party in it...but now...NOW... NOOOOWWW I'm a failure at blogging etiquette???? Well don't this just fucking suck!

Do I need a theme? Is there some purpose to blogging? Should people know when they visit the Bug's Place that they'll be reading a political or social commentary... or perhaps the trials of being a 36yr old college sophomore...or should I stick to family stories...or maybe make shit up and tell everyone it's my memoirs?

I need to weave a cocoon and contemplate.