Monday, August 01, 2005

Get in Mah Sidebar

Bug Searches

I found this recording a few months ago and held it in my bookmarks until I could stop being so pissed and write something funny about something so, well, funny! I never got around to that, but I did link the recording for your listening enjoyment. In a nutshell, there's actually a phone company targeting homophobes, and it looks like they dialed the wrong caller!

Bug Juice

Nothing witty or poignent this week...just reasons why I'm not very witty or poignent this week.

Bug Bites

My Flicker Photos - yes, I'm finally trying to use Flicker to show off, as opposed to using Flicker to maintain my blogs.

My Antenna

Anna Nalick is quite frankly, awesome. I have nothing but the highest regard for any artist that writes their own material. However, when they do it SO well, they become my newest drug.

Bug Eyes On

I picked Carpe Demon up last week at B&N. Like every book I must read, it will take me eons to get through it because my life never slows down long enough for me to enjoy a good book. Let me know if you've read it, if you liked it, and if I should maybe make more time to get through it quicker.

Bug Zapper

Scott over at Purpletwinkie is the twinkie of my eye right now. His blog is never boring - ever. I aspire to be able to post daily with as much finesse.

Movie Reviews

Just caught Closer, thanks to Netflix. Did you love it? Hate it? Feel entirely confused by it?

Things I Shouldn't Like

No update - just me admitting my freakish nature

Bug Blogs

Finally updated!!! Let me know if I missed you!

Das' All! Enjoy the sidebar and have a GREAT week!