Friday, August 26, 2005

Saying Goodbye to Kati, and Hello to Old and New Friends

After an incredible morning, I said good-bye to Kati. I truly hope this isn't the last I'll see of her.

Garrison and I headed down to Bloomington to have lunch at the Trojan Horse - the most fabu Greek restaurant I know of. Cheese'parer...mmmm... But it wasn't the food that led me there; rather, it was the opportunity to meet a new friend and fellow blogger, Mamacita of Scheiss Weekly. Joining us would be my old friend, Scott of The Other Side of Straight (formally known as The Once Exciting Now Boring Life of Me). I fully intended on shooting tons of pictures to share with you, but as Garrison and I reached Bloomington, the heavens opened up and rained down upon us with a vengeance. It's quite possible God was none-to-happy with the cemetary shots, but I really think that when Kati straddled Old Man Thompson, he wasn't minding in the least.

So we trekked through puddles (with cameras in safe, DRY cars) and arrived at the pub and hugged and coo'd and oo'd with our old and new friends. I honestly wish we could have stayed forever, but after several hours of stories and conversation, we had to be on our way. I was so thrilled to finally meet Mamacita in person - she is just about the loveliest, sweetest individual you could hope to find in Bumfucked, Indiana. I truly look forward to meeting her again soon! Saying goodbye to Garrison was not fun - but I think we'll be seeing each other again soon.

Photo courtesy of Scotty at The Other Side of Straight
I have no idea how Scotty's camera added 500lbs to my frame, but left Mamacita and Garrison looking as gorgeous as they are in real life.

After lunch, Scott and I hung out like old times. We shopped, we drank wine, and we talked smack about everyone we know. His girls were there for a bit, and oh my god have they grown into fantastic kids! JP, Scott's partner, showed up after the party was long started, and joined in the rant. 'Round about 1am I had to call it a night, as I had an early flight and JP and Scott were bickering like a couple of old married men, trying desperately to get FunkyB to take sides. FunkyB will do no such thing, but she thanks the boys for their hospitality and friendship.
My only regret of the weekend is due to crossed wires. I was supposed to see my friend Jodi (doesn't blog! The shock!) but she thought I was due in town the following weekend, so I never heard from her or hooked up with her. That is tre' sad, as she is MY GIRL and I was looking forward to shooting the breeze/shit with her a'la old times!

And that, friends, is my five part weekend in review. Regularly scheduled ranting/bitching will resume next week. Have yourselves a fabu weekend!

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