Wednesday, September 28, 2005's almost Midnight

It's almost midnight, and I don't have a thing to blog about. I'm going to let you inside my brain. It's scary in here, kids; bring galoshes.

I'm seriously pissed...FOX announced that both "Bones" and "House M.D." are on hiatus until November 1st so they can cover the baseball season. Isn't that what ESPN is for? Don't they know they're on shaky ground with me...first they cancelled "Buffy" and now this?!?

If someone files a restraining order against you, the judge is NOT going to take you seriously when you reciprocate after the fact. Get.that.through.your.head. Save the other court reporters like me the trouble of having to take your testimony.

Ranch Dressing -- tell me why it's the only thing that makes a salad taste good, and why it's the one thing that elevates a salad to the unhealthy level of lard.

"What's wrong?"

That's the voice in my head. It's been in my head for so many years, I can't remember when it found its voice. That voice pisses me off. I try to drown it out when it speaks; mostly it talks to me when I'm using the bathroom, but lately it's been screaming at me in the elevator AND on my way home from work...and people wonder why I listen to talk radio. I refuse to answer the voice -- I just try to drown it out. If I answer it, I might break. Breaking is bad. Denial -- that's good stuff.

Dollar General -- how is it that I go in for toilet paper and walk out with $90.00 worth of SHIT! Do you KNOW how much Tupperware I could buy for $90.00? Well, not much, but it would last longer. BTW -- Purpletwinkie is holding a virtual Tupperware party. I bought some stuff on Sunday, and it shipped on Monday. Not bad turnaround, huh?

Is that enough? No?

Okay - my depression. It's real, kids. I fucking hate it, but I also hate taking the meds for it. I like to feel something, even if it's sadness. My husband refers to it as the Hemingway Syndrome -- for some strange reason, that makes me smile. Not like I'm going to blow my head off or anything...but it's comforting to be counted among geniuses and loonies. I'm smart enough to know that living with teenagers is enough to drive my sanity over the edge, but I'm crazy enough NOT to know when I've tried to "work through it" beyond the load the patch can hold. I'm not going to snap myself out of this any time soon, but I promise if I reach maximum overload, I'll refill my Lexis. K? K! I'm not going to whine about it anymore. I'm am going to turn it into some fabulous posts for next week though!