Friday, September 23, 2005

Stuff Portrait AND Self Portrait Friday AND WTF!!!

So what are you trying to say? Are you trying to say I'm only original 3 days/week? Why, why... well, okay...maybe. But at least I'm cute.

Stuff Portrait Friday - Courtesy of Random and Odd suggests:

Something that was perfect in the store, but awful when you got it home.
I didn't get this in a "store" but at a tent market in St. Martin. I thought it was fantastic -- perfect for our living room. It isn't either. It's hideous with its frayed edges, but I refuse to accept that after carrying it all the way across the island, after protecting it from embarkation ruination, that it needs to be in the garbage.

Your cell phone
I mumbled to my husband, "Now, how am I going to make my cell phone INTERESTING?" at which point he tucked it into my cleavage, snapped the photo and responded, "Half-nekkid Thursday, meet Stuff Portrait Friday." I love that guy! BTW -- if you're wondering why a sassy gal like me has such a plain-jane phone, it's because this is the fourth (and final, according to LoveBug) phone I've had in three years. The first phone stopped charging (maybe because I spilled coffee in it). The second phone powered down all on it's own whenever it fucking felt like it (maybe because I dropped it on the driveway). The third phone fried out (maybe because I jumped fully-clothed into a hot tub with it tucked in my pocket). This phone, the high-impact phone, is guaranteed to be Funky-proof.

Your camera

What else is there to say about my camera? It's my baby, and I love it! I don't use the kit lense much anymore, now that Nikon is making some sweet lenses for their digitals. On the right is the wide-angle I just purchased...on the left is the fisheye I'm saving up for...right after I get my macro.

Self Portrait Friday - Courtesy of The Dirty Days suggests a picture of me in my kitchen, or wherever I prepare my meals.

Well, you know, most nights I prepare MY meals in the microwave. Here's my favorite: Michael Angelo's Vegetable Lasagna! Mmmmm... But just to prove that occassionally I do cook and bake, here's me with my mixer.
Can you tell I'm completely in love with it? I AM!!!

Finally, WTF, or White Trash Friday is a little celebration me and my trailor park kin participate in. The assignment each week is self-explanatory, and here's my offering:

That's me at my night-job...waitin' tables in my daisy-dukes.

***What's more WT than this? Gettin' drunk on a Saturday night and photo-shopping one's head on to Jessica Simpson's body...friends, that's the spirit of WTF!***

I kinda like posting pictures of ME and talking about ME and celebrating the ME that is ME! That's a lot of ME going on there...speaking of which, don't forget your Me-Me Monday post...'cause it's all about ME, unless of course, it's all about you.

I really hope you all have a fantabulous weekend. Those of you in Rita's path - be blessed. My prayers are with you!!!!!!!!!!!