Friday, September 30, 2005

Stuff Portrait Friday, and Happy WTF!

It's Meme Friday...chock full-o memes we are. Without further delay...

Stuff Portrait Friday - Courtesy of Random and Odd suggests:

1. Something in your house that isn't where it should be.

My Damn Cat

He should NOT be on the washer.
He should NOT be in LoveBug's t-shirt drawer.

In fact, I'm certain he should not be on this planet at all.

2. Something you broke, but kept.

I present, the Italian Cat
You'll note the fine, hand-painted detail on this two-foot tall ceramic cat. You'll also note it is missing a head. LoveBug's dad purchased this cat in Amalfi, and carried it ON HIS LAP the entire flight home. Three weeks after moving in with LoveBug, I haphazardly stumbled through the door and swung a grocery bag into the THEN full-on-headed feline, sending it crashing to the ground. LoveBug, who loves this cat more than me, was sweet but devestated. I am still in the process of trying to replace it, but until I do, the Headless Italian Cat remains.

3. Food that you have in your house that you never eat (or drink)

This Thing
Honestly, I don't know what it is. I know one of LoveBug's clients gave him a box of this shit as a Christmas gift, but it's been sitting in the pantry for a year. As you can see, the pantry has been cleaned out, but this "Alfajor" thingy is still there.

Since Self-Portrait Friday isn't posted yet, I'll move straight to White-Trash Friday, or WTF.

Seriously, who does this shit? Who sits at home with a beer on a Saturday night, and photoshops her husband OUT and David Boreanaz and Brad Pitt in? too? Well, welcome to WTF!

In other news...we're off for the weekend. LoveBug and I are driving to Ft. Lauderdale with CadiBug, CuddleBug, and LighteningBug in a rented minivan with a DVD player (yeah, no more "He's on my side" for me). Saturday we will leave the children in the hands of hotel security and room service while my honey and I go, hang on I forgot who were were seeing..."Honey, what concert are we going to again?" Oh yeah...Pavarotti...his final tour or something like that. So, you guys have a fabulous weekend, and I'll see you on Monday!