Monday, October 03, 2005

A BIG favor & Me-Me Monday #4

I'm presenting The Wisdom of Funky Bugs from my brand new computer. Oh she's a lovely thing...a media center, actually. However, all my favorite bloggers (you know who you are) are stored as bookmarks on the OTHER system. So if you've EVER read me...EVER want me to return to YOUR home (and I do want to return), I need ONE simple favor from you; comment. If you can do that, I can find my way back to you!

4. He bolted before I was born.

That's in reference to my bio-dad. If you've read #1-3, then I think I've already covered this. I don't know if bolted is really the right word. I don't know because if he did indeed "bolt" I have no recollection of it. Let's just say, he was married to someone while he was screwing my mom. He decided NOT to leave his first family. He also apparantly decided not to keep in touch with his kid.

Sure he could have. When my mom was dating my dad, she lived with my grandmother on 3rd Street in a tiny little town off Lake Erie. I lived in that residence until I was in second grade. My grandmother lived there until the day she died. I was in my he had twenty-some years to send a letter to that same house, inquiring about his daughter. I'd say that's not only bolting -- that's abandoning.

Well, that's just a lovely way to start the week! How 'bout one of you all do better at Me-Me Monday? If you play, let me know, and I'll get you over there on my linky thing!