Thursday, October 13, 2005

HNT and More of Me (UPDATED 12:04 PM)

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"Be nude when you can, be clothed when it`s in the best interest of nudism." -- Francis Piscabia

I promised to be a bit bolder this week. I'm also quite certain you've seen enough of my neck.

p.s. Happy Yom Kippur


Listen, I love Lu over at Lu's Big Top. She's funny and she's sweet and she's talented, but people really, she's innocent as the day is long. I'm going to post a copy of the e-mail I just got from her so you can understand why it is that Lu is just so damned adorable.

"ok wanna hear something funny????

my you a just had to show him that
clip on your blog of that guy and the pinching their tits thing.....

so i said oh...honey come here i want you to see he
walks over...and i load your blog and there...bigger than pete....was
your boobs! HAHAHAHAHAHA

i just about died...(i had forgot about the half nekkid thursday
thing)... :P