Monday, November 14, 2005

Am I Dreaming or am I a Nutbar?

It started last night. I don't remember what I was dreaming, but I remember the underlying theme of each vignette. Try to follow...

In dreamland, no matter what I was trying to do, I couldn't keep from nodding off.

In real world, I wake up and think "What a strange dream!"

In dreamworld, I realize the reason I'm having such a hard time staying awake is that I'm asleep in real life.

And this makes perfect sense, whether I'm dreaming, or briefly experiencing a bit of consciousness.


I'm only partially Freudian when it comes to dreams. I do believe there are some things which are symbolic, but I think other things that come to us in dreams are just parts of our brain firing weirdness, and other parts of our brain tuning into the sounds outside our sleep realms (a dog barking, the a/c kicking on, the snoring of a spouse, etc...) But this was just too fucking weird.

Someone analyze this! Or -- tell me one of your weird dreams so I feel less alone and/or freakish.