Wednesday, November 16, 2005

HNT -- Kissing My Sanity Goodbye

Why yes I am half-nekkid in this picture, can't you tell?

The rest of this post has nothing to to with Osbasso and HNT, unless of course you count the fact that I'm talking about baring your soul.

Yesterday's post was mostly for me -- getting my feelings out and sharing with people I really don't know at all (yet somehow do).

I have to say that with few exceptions, each and every comment left on His Stupid Mouth played a very large part in helping me cope with Captain Vagina. Whether you were cracking up at his smart mouth, or reassuring me that everything is going to be okay, YOU HELPED!

So here's how the after-grounding conversation went down -- let's just say I talked and he pretended to listen.

Kid, I'm disappointed for a lot of reasons. I'm disappointed because I really thought you were capable of making better choices. I'm disappointed because I really thought you knew how to handle your anger in a productive way. Mostly, I'm disappointed because since you were very little, I've tried to help you understand -- and I think you do -- that there are people in this world that are innocent. These are the people we protect. These are the people we shelter.
Your teacher is an Innocent, but instead of protecting him, you joined the mob and attacked him.

I've tried to teach you that the most important thing we can do while we're stumbling around God's earth, is to make a difference in someone's life. I guess I should have stressed that you must make a positive difference, not a harmful difference.

You have two choices every single day -- it's that way with everything, Kid. What kind of difference you make from here on out is entirely up to you. Just know that if you choose to go against everything I've taught you about love and compassion, Mommy will be here to kick your sorry little ass. Now give me a hug, and clean up your room.

It never amazes me how blogging can actually be more than just random ramblings -- it's like free therapy, and you are all my little Freuds.

So uh, yeah...thanks. Oh, and Happy HNT. HNTbutton