Friday, December 09, 2005

The Wisdom of Funky Bloggers -- Issue 2


It's called "sharing". Say it with me "sha-ring." You share with me the wisdom that comes from living your life, and in turn, I share my Custom-Made-by-Ray-Ray FunkyBug Button. Wise, Funky Bloggers get to steal it for THEIR blog as their PRIZE for being WIZE.

Here's what I learned in Blogvillia this week:


We're all okay, and the rest of you are going to hell.

... in the first chapter of his letter to the Romans (verses 24 to 32) St. Paul ranks homosexual behavior right up there with envy, greed, arrogance, disobeying parents, bragging, and gossip in his checklist of things which God considers reprobate. Boy, folks who do awful stuff like that had better watch out on Judgment Day!

But since you and I don’t do any of those abominable things, we’re ok… Right?

See -- and you thought is was all about the sex and stuff... but there's this whole list of other stuff that NONE of us EVER do. Boy are they gonna give us the white robe when we hit the pearly gates!
*note to those who do not read John Cowart -- please know that his comments were as tongue-in-cheek as my interpretation. John is straight-up cool.*

Another newbie this week is Chosa, a dear, sweet, quite insane woman who has taken on the task of nannying four lively children. This week Chosha reminds us that it's never to early to find your voice.

've noticed throughout the week that when there's a problem, she (in the grand tradition of youngest children) tends to cry until someone else figures out what's upsetting her, and fixes it. I decide to call her on it, by simply asking her to 'use her words' and tell me what is upsetting her, explaining that I can't help her unless I understand what's wrong ... I see this kind of behaviour as disempowering. If you can't tell your side of a story, and other people are always figuring out your problems for you, eventually they will start fixing them in ways they see fit, and not listen any more to what you really want. I think five is old enough to start learning to voice how you feel.

Not only is five old enough to start, but 36 is NOT too old to start, nor is 24, nor is 56, nor is the age you are, RIGHT NOW. Stop whining and express yourself, dammit!

And in an unprecedented move (okay, this is only the second week, but hey... it sounds so cool when I say it like that) Ebony Mommy hits the roundup for two weeks in a row!

Apparently during their bonding time EDad asked EBoy if he ever accompanies Mommy while she poops. He looked at his Dad with quite the shocked face- “Mommy does NOT poop!”

If you have small children, remember that in their eyes, you do not poop. If you have teenagers who constantly roll their eyes at you as if you were full of shit, that means they STILL think you don't poop.
Mommy's don't poop. Write it down. We are and always will be their Goddesses.

Here's the routine: You go visit my friends John, Chosa, and Ebony Mommy this weekend and tell them that they're full of Funky Wisdom. Here's the twist: You can easily visit them every day because they'll be permanantly linked on my sidebar as Wise, Funky Bloggers. And the beat goes on ba-da-bump-ba-da-bump. (See, I know how to share! Sheesh!)

Now, go forth as pure as snow, expelling your voices, but never your bowels.

This is Funky, and that is all.