Saturday, April 22, 2006

Digging my Way Out -- I Need a Manicure Now


(seems like an opening as good as any)

I finally finished that paper. Here's what I learned:

Don't eat anything. You will die.

Seriously -- food is scary. It's fine if you don't CARE what you put in your body, or don't FEAR the effects of growth hormones and modified starches... but if you DO, too bad. They're not labeling this stuff (not required to) so you just don't get to KNOW what you're eating. Jolly good news for paranoid folks such as I. Stupid paper.

I'm mostly checking in because I'll be checking out again. Finals are this week. Happy Happy Joy Joy. I'll be cramming through Wednesday night, then most likely coming down from that for the rest of the week. No promises to be here or be not here. Just a heads up.

I posted my final photography assignment over at my HNT blog because quite frankly it would look ridiculous on this template's background. Go here to see it. I love it more than twinkies (but not Purple Twinkie).

I'm kind of bummed right now -- I've hit a roadbump (hopefully not a plateau) in my weight loss. I'm still eating right (modified foods and all) and exercising, but I'm stuck at a flat 23 lb weight loss. I'll be hitting the gym in a bit, so let's hope I can push myself a little further and break through this stoppage or whatever the hell it is. I'm trying my damnest to lose about 37 pounds before we go on the cruise the first week of June. Right now I'm about 14 pounds short of that. I'm pretty sure I can't lose 14 pounds in six weeks. I guess I could go back to that whole "stop eating food" theory, but then I'd be dead in six weeks, so it wouldn't really matter.

I feel all chatty -- but that' s because I'm supposed to be studying or working out, neither of which I want to do.

But I will.

So until finals are finally over -- yes, the next time you see me, I'll have my AA... which is not at all like joining AA, or using your AAA card. I'll be grad-ju-mated. And then I'll start bitching about declaring my major for the next leg of my ed-ju-ma-cation journey.

Know what's funner than being me? Being my friend. You poor saps.

This is Funky, and that is all.