Monday, April 10, 2006

Restocking the Bar

I've stopped and started a dozen times.

It even feels as if the curser is cursing me. Blink. Blink. Blink.

Do I pick right up where I left off, or offer yet another reason as to why I'm just not blogging anymore?

To be honest, it's too soon to pick right up where I left off. I know in my heart that I just don't have the time right now to be one of those schedule-y bloggers... one of those comment-y bloggers, one of the faithful ones.

The bar will always be open, even if it's sporadic. I just need to take inventory and see what libations are appropriate for the change in seasons.

In the meantime, I think I'll just chat a bit... because while the curser curses, my fingers twitch with a desire to write something.

We'll just call this Bug's Bits.

I've been listening to country music again. As a result, I want to start writing again. (Andy, I haven't forgotten the story. I'll share with you one day soon.) I also want to start singing again. Technically I never stopped singing... I just stopped doing it outside of my car... I also stopped doing it well.

I joined a gym and started working out. I love Tai Chi. I could do it every day for the rest of my life. It hurts like a bitch the next day, though.

I've lost 21 pounds now. I'm starting to feel a might bit sexy. Not all the way though. Especially not naked.

School is royally kicking my ass. I think (and yes, Lu, I mean it this time) I am on the eve of my first "B". Hello "B", goodbye 4.0.

Saturday CadiBug chose to hang out with me rather than hang out with her friends. We took pictures. Then I took pictures of her smiling. It was the greatest night. Truly.

LoveBug is away from me for the first night since he returned home with a broken leg. An associate flew in and is driving him around on his calls. I think perhaps I shall sleep on the couch.

CuddleBug flooded his school last week. I asked him why he snuck into the janitor's closet and turned on the water hose. He responded, "I didn't think it would flood the hallway." I'm not sure whether I should sign him up for therapy or Remedial Thinking 101.

I guess you could say that in the grand scheme of things, my sense of humor is serving me well. Next month I'm going to get a new tattoo. It will say, "If found, please return to bed."

This is Funky, and that is all.