Saturday, April 15, 2006

Fairly Well Rested Now, TYVM.

One of the benefits of working for the gov't is HOLIDAYS off with pay. I took advantage (somewhat) of yesterday's holiday and got some much needed rest. I didn't exactly sleep in -- not in the sense that I slept until I was good and damned ready to rise, but I did set my alarm two hours later. So that was a nice treat.

I met my trainer yesterday. He wasn't entirely evil, but I just don't think he "gets" me. I know these gym-owned trainers have a job to do, and that job is to sell sell sell.

I told him my goal was to hit the gym three times/week for 1/2 hour each time. I realize this is a mini-goal, but it's really important for me to keep it that way because I have to have something that fits into my hectic life. So what does he do? He sets up a program for me to hit the gym four times a week for an hour each time. It was relatively frustrating because the entire session was yack yack yack. I didn't do anything physical outside of a five-minute cardio test and 15 reps of a chest press to guage my muscle resistance. (However, my pecs do hurt a bit this morning, for what it's worth.) He scheduled my second session for Tuesday night to go over the machines. Sigh.

I know that if I COULD hit the gym that often, it would have greater benefits, but I wish he understood that I am trying to make improvements that are within my grasp TODAY. He also recommended I hire him to do private sessions for 8 weeks at $300.00. Yeah. Of course he did.

So anyhow, enough bitching about that. Actually, enough bitching, period.

Today I woke up 23lbs lighter than I did on February 24th.
In just a few moments I'm taking CadiBug and one of her friends to the art museum to see some Warhol exhibits.
Later LoveBug and I will take our cameras out and grab a cup of coffee at our favorite coffee shop. We might even paint some pottery.
Later still, I'll pick up CuddleBug and LighteningBug, and we'll go catch a movie or take a long walk around the lake.

And I suppose tomorrow we'll wrestle all of the kids into their Sunday Best and try to come to some compromise on a house of worship. I'm sure I'll write more about that later.

Have a blessed weekend. Hug everyone. Raise your eyes to the sky, take a deep breath, harness the energy within and without, then exhale. Repeat as necessary until you feel grateful and strong.

This is Funky, and that is all.