Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Idol Chatter

Three Disclaimers:

(1) I'm an American Idol Junkie
(2) I've been a Kat fan from day 1
(3) I think I know everything

Elliot Yamin

"Open Arms"
Clive picked a fabulous song for Elliot to sing. Elliot sang it beautifully, but for two problems. First, he seriously needs to contain that vibrato. There are places it works, and places it doesn't. "Open Arms" does NOT need vibrato. Two, how come Elliot can forget the words to the chorus and NOT get ripped the way Kat was ripped last week? Hmmm???

"What You Won't Do For Love"
Paula did right by choosing a Bobby Caldwell song, but mostly she did right by ME because Bobby Caldwell is a god in my book. Elliot relaxed and performed it really well, but due to the over-zealousness of the orchestra, he was overpowered and the performance came off a bit dull. Randy saying he was sharp most of the song proves that Randy Jackson is going deaf.

"I Believe"
At least I think that was the title. I got distracted. Actually, I was bored. BUT once again, the orchestra drowned him out. It's not the song he should have ended with.

My overall on Elliot: I was never a huge Elliot Yamin fan. In the beginning he seemed just another Stevie Wonder wannabe. Then he grew a bit and started impressing the HELL out of me. I pegged him for the top four, but assumed he would go before Chris. He has continued to surprise me throughout the competition. I think he needed a stronger performance tonight.

Taylor Hicks

"Dancing in the Dark"
I have loved Taylor from auditions -- I have. He was my favorite male from the get-go. Every week he has consistently brought it. "It" being the thing about him that his fans love and his foes loathe. Be that as it may, this performance was by far his worst. He looked awkward, almost frightened, and his energy was low. The dance with Paula made my skin crawl.

"You Are So Beautiful"
Randy does something right. This song is perfect for showcasing the flavor of Taylor's voice. I loved it, though the "to me" came out weird each time. It wasn't as strong as "In the Ghetto" but it was kick-ass.

"Try a Little Tenderness"
Unlike every other contestant, Taylor knows how to pick a song. He also knows how to deliver to his fans. Yes, he was vocally rough tonight, but he turned it out -- turned it up even.

My Overall on Taylor: Again, I've been a fan forever, and I always expected Taylor to make it to the top three, but not the top two. He's not the best vocalist, but he is the best entertainer. Like it or not, that's important.

Katharine McPhee

"I Believe I Can Fly"
Clive, what the fuck? Why would you have her sing an R.Kelly song? It makes everyone think of pedophiles. Seriously. I think she was set up. However, I thought she did okay with the song, though she could have used a WAY bigger ending. She looked awkward and uncomfortable with the song. She didn't deserve the ass-munching she got from Randy and Paula.

"Somewhere Over the Rainbow"
This song choice confirms that Simon loves Kat. He did her right! A cappella, sitting down no less, and still incredible. I usually scream at the top of my lungs anytime anyone sings sitting down. If you compress the diapragm, you can't support your breath. She did, and she still sang flawlessly... she lost her ear monitor, and she still kicked ass. Her performance was sublime.

"I Aint Got Nothin' But the Blues"
Anyone who says this girl can't sing is crazy. You may not like her, you may not like her style, but she's got pipes and she showed it. Don't fucking tell me she can't sing. As for Randy and his need to constantly mention she's not Whitney, or Mariah, or (as in tonight) Ella... that's getting on my fucking nerves. "Comparing yourself to Ella... I don't know..." he says. Dude, seriously... every song sung on AI was FIRST SUNG BY SOMEONE FAMOUS. I've never heard them say, "Golly Taylor, stop comparing yourself to Joe Cocker." Grrr.

My Overall on Kat:
Well, I just said it all. I've had her for the top two since day one, but after seeing Chris go last week, I fear the backlash against her will be her downfall. I think she should stay, but she'll probably go. That being said, I've been dialing non-stop for over an hour and have only gotten through twice.

My AI Conspiracy Theory:

Listen to the performances and then the judges. I've noticed more than not... if someone performs "so so" and gets a free pass, it means the judges want them to go home. If someone performs "pretty well" and gets their ass ripped out, it means the judges want them to stay and are INTENTIONALLY trying to stir up that performer's fan base. It's happened week after week. Who do I think got the free pass tonight? Taylor. They were very harsh with Kat, Simon told Elliot he didn't sing his way into the finals, but no one dissed Taylor. Look for a big upset tomorrow.

This is Funky, and that is all.