Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Morning Musings

There's something glorious about the still of morning. I don't know why I don't see it more often that I do. Moving the alarm clock to LoveBug's side of the bed kept me from slamming the snooze button as I normally would. Freshly shaven and ready for his first week back to work, my darling woke me with a gentle kiss and a strong cup of coffee. I fought through the haze of slumber and rose long before I needed to.

We had a cup of coffee together before he hit the road. He is almost giddy. I am almost sad. It's nothing short of miraculous that he is healed in such a short time, of that I am quite thankful. However, I'd gotten rather use to him being here day in and day out. And so it was a bittersweet parting, but one I treated as the norm. Funny how quickly we fall back into the routines of old.

I thought about cracking open my biology textbook and getting in a few more minutes of study time, but the writing muse was standing on my shoulder, screaming for me to give her a voice.

And somewhere in the darkness is a chirping bird. I stood in my backyard with my cup of coffee and listened in awe as the bird worked tirelessly to bring on the day. The sun has yet to offer it's reward, but the bird still sings.

The morning in all its glory will be upon me soon. Even sooner I shall shut down my browser and begin the routine of preparing for the routine of work.

But I'm certain of this; the spirit of that bird and the stillness of this quiet morning have imprinted themselves in my soul. I shall carry both with me as I journey. And if it's at all possible, I wish to pass this gift along to as many as possible.

The muse is at a loss as to how we should accomplish that task. She says, quite possibly we are all muddling through some kind of darkness, some groggy, foggy pre-morning state of mind. She says to tell you that somewhere a bird is singing in spite of the obvious lack of light. She says to tell you to go somewhere and sing until the light shines upon you again.

Then she said, "Oh shit... it's time to get ready for work."

This is Funky, and that is all.