Thursday, November 17, 2005

Bring on the Weekend!

I'm just all over the place tonight -- forgive the random nature of this post.

Here's a thought on HNT:

Some of you are vewy vewy disobedient. When the bOSs tells you to turn off verifuckation for the day, you should do so. If I'm in a good mood, I may try to break your barrier of xoeuwnv -- but if I'm trying to get through all 300+ of you, well... it's the chance you take.

Here's a thought on the value of blogging:

CadiBug: Mom, we're out of conditioner.

Funkybug:Okay, we'll get some tomorrow night. It's 10pm, so it's too late now.

CB: We're shopping tomorrow?

FB: No, we're buying conditioner.

CB: Well, while we're out, we need long sleeve shirts and coats to wear to Indiana. It snowed.

FB: Yeah, well I've had this conversation with your dad before. You do not need long-sleeve shirts and coats in Florida because it's always warm. If you need those things in Indiana, then your dad needs to have them there for you.

CB: Not true! We need jackets here!

FB: And "jackets" you have -- a closet FULL of sweatshirts, if I recall.

CB: Oh my gosh, Mom! Have you SEEN my sweatshirts? They're so worn and outdated!!

FB: Including the sixty-dollar one I just got you at the beginning of the school year, huh?

CB: Oh, the one everyone has now? I can't be seen in the same sweatshirt everyone else has!

FB: Really? Damn! Sucks to be you.

That last line I got from Kimmy Ann. This is one of the beautiful things I've gained as a result of my blogging addiction. The best part of this line is that there is simply NO retort. For shutting a teenage mouth, it's the verbal equivalent of duct tape.

So as far as my son goes, he's been incredibly pleasant since I took his skateboard away -- well, he's been pleasant until he asks if he can have it back, and I say no. Then he slams a door or raises the pitch of his voice. His efforts at negotiating the terms of his punishment range from hysterical-funny to hysterically pissing me off.

Other than that, I've been preparing a transcript for a child molestation case.
Yeah, sucks to be me.

But that was the week -- bring on the weekend!

Speaking of which -- LoveBug and I have Saturday night sans kids, and he says we should have a naughty grown-up night out. Any ideas? I think I'm slightly out of practice.

Oh, and we've done the "Funky gets lap-dance from stripper while hubby watches" thing already, so you're going to have to do better than that.

Oh yes -- this commenting thing should be good today ;)